Director/Photographer JJ MillerLocation: Worldwide

Director/Photographer JJ MillerImage

JJ Miller has been busy with 8 new videos launching this month for clients such as New Balance, Asics, and Warrior along with an abundant amount of new still images for various clients worldwide. For a full viewing of all of JJ's new work, please visit his section on the igroup website at

Director Jurgen Berderow Location: Worldwide

Director Jurgen Berderow Image

Director/Photographer Jurgen Berderow releases 8 new commercials for Audi Worldwide ( and a huge array of new print advertising campaigns for Lamborghini and Audi, to name a few ( For a full viewing of all of Jurgen's work, please visit his section on the igroup website at

New Work By Alex Howe Location: Worldwide

New Work By Alex Howe Image

An array of new work by Alex Howe can be seen at his website section at

New Work by JJ Miller Location: Worldwide

New Work by JJ Miller Image

Director/Photographer JJ Miller has a huge assortment of new work for Reebok in his video section at



Excerpts from a recent PDN article:

"We asked JJ Miller — for tips on how you can get the nuanced and interesting shots you want from a professional athlete.

Miller estimates that he usually gets between five and ten minutes to capture 25 shots, as well as to create video footage. Increasingly, he also needs shots for social media and viral content. As a result, he makes sure he has drawn up not only lighting set-ups, but also sketches of poses he’d like the athletes to try. “If you plan well in advance, ten minutes actually seems like a lot of time,” he notes.

Before he became a professional photographer, Miller played baseball in college. As a result, he’s familiar with the language that professional athletes, and especially baseball players, use when being coached. He is able to utilize this lingo when he’s asking them to assume poses in front of the camera. “I explain it to them in terms they understand,” he says. He doesn’t believe it’s necessary for a sports photographer to have been an athlete, however. “You just have to understand how the body moves,” he says.

Researching an athlete in advance helps Miller determine whom he should have on his crew, to make sure there is someone on the set the subject can relate to. Sometimes when Miller is shooting a female athlete, for example, he’ll have a female camera assistant on set."

Lubo Sergeev and The Grand Prix GalaLocation: Linz, Austria

Lubo Sergeev and The Grand Prix GalaImage

Photographer/Designer Lubo Sergeev was presented with the prestigious Grand Prix 2014 award, putting him amongst the biggest names in the world of photography in the Hall of Fame of Trierenberg Super Cirquit. For more of Lubo's photography, please view his section on the igroup website at

JJ Miller for PDNLocation: Worldwide

JJ Miller for PDNImage

PDN interviewed JJ Miller for their online magazine about his recent work for Reebok and the 2014 live event of the Reebok Crossfit games. JJ pulled off shooting 630 of the best athletes from around the world competing with one another in different sports genres over a four day period. This project has been one of many numerous print and video collaborations between JJ and Reebok over the months that followed. To view the story directly go to: and to see more of JJ's film and print work, please visit his section at

JJ Miller Shoots For Reebok Crossover Location: Worldwide

JJ Miller Shoots For Reebok Crossover Image

Director JJ Miller and Reebok continue their strong collaboration on a new worldwide video for the Reebok Crossover brand. To view the complete video and see all of JJ's film and still work, please view his section at or on vimeo at:

Alex Howe And Cadillac ATSLocation: Worldwide

Alex Howe And Cadillac ATSImage

Cadillac chose photographer Alex Howe to collaborate with once again, to insure that their ATS looked perfect in their newest worldwide advertising campaign. For more examples of Alex Howe's advertising and editorial work both in studio and on location, please visit and go to Alex's section.

Alex Howe Shoots Ford FocusLocation: Worldwide

Alex Howe Shoots Ford FocusImage

Photographer Alex Howe adds the Ford Focus to his list of worldwide advertising campaigns his has recently shot for the Ford Motor Company this year. For more examples of Alex Howe's work both in studio and on location, please visit Alex's section on the igroup website at

JJ Miller Shoots The Top Names In Baseball And Golf For ZeppLocation: Worldwide

JJ Miller Shoots The Top Names In Baseball And Golf For ZeppImage

Photographer/Director JJ Miller has just completed a 2 month long project shooting the likes of Hunter Pence, David Ortiz and Anthony Rizzo along with 15 other top athletes for Zepp Industries, a product that measures the speed of one's swing with a baseball bat or golf club. For a complete viewing of JJ's fantastic still and video work, please visit his section on the igroup website.

Darryl Patterson For French Magazine Location: Worldwide

Darryl Patterson For French Magazine Image

Photographer Darryl Patterson's latest still life editorial for French Magazine is out now, showing Darryl's graphic and bold expertise with bags and shoes in unique locations and sets.

Lubo is awarded the prestigious "Grand Prix 2014" awardLocation: Germany, Worldwide

Lubo is awarded the prestigious

Photographer Lubo has been recognized by the Trierenberg Super Circuit with The Grand Prix 2014 award, which is an award that recognizes overall performance and achievements. For more information about the Trierenberg Super Circuit go to and to see more of Lubo's incredible photography and creative direction, please visit his section at

Oral I.V. Advertising Campaign By JJ MillerLocation: Worldwide

Oral I.V. Advertising Campaign By JJ MillerImage

Photographer/Director JJ Miller just completed the worldwide advertising campaign for Oral I.V, the hydration supplement used by sports professionals around the globe. For additional images from the campaign, check out JJ's sports/ athletic section at

Director JJ Miller covers the Reebok CrossFit Games Location: Los Angeles, California

Director JJ Miller covers the Reebok CrossFit Games Image

JJ Miller has brilliantly directed 2 worldwide spots for Reebok Brands and their prestigious CrossFit event this month in Los Angeles. JJ delivered 2 final videos: a highlight video of the entire competition and a Nano 4.0 "highlights" video that spotlights Reebok as the official "shoe of fitness" on the fittest athletes in the world. For a viewing of the videos, please go to

JJ Miller becomes a 'Groupie"

JJ Miller becomes a 'Groupie

I Group is proud to announce the addition of director/photographer JJ Miller to the igroup roster. JJ’s biggest advantage as a director and photographer is his ability to look through the lens of an athlete, being a former competitive athlete himself. JJ's prestigious clients include: Reebok, Puma, EvoShield, and Allstate, to name a few.

Lubo Sergeev Joins the group!

Lubo Sergeev Joins the group! Image

IGroup is thrilled to announce the addition of photographer Lubo Sergeev. Lubo specializes in conceptual brand building, in addition to creating award winning photography that can be seen world wide. He has a proven track record of being an innovator and "story teller" with his photography and igroup happily welcomes him to the team.

"Crazy Beautiful Thing"Location: Worldwide

The Speeds teamed up with their long time collaborator Mike Call to produce, shoot and cut "Crazy Beautiful Thing" which features Steph Davis climbing and BASE jumping while she shares her philosophy about her "Practice". Crazy Beautiful Thing can be seen at

Supporting still photography shot by Christine Bailey Speed.

Adel Awad For L’oreal /Franck ProvostLocation: Paris, France

Adel  Awad For  L’oreal /Franck ProvostImage

Adel Awad's latest campaign for L’oreal & Franck Provost from a series of ads and video campaigns to be launching throughout Europe in the coming months.

The Speeds and Incubate DesignLocation: Coos Bay, Oregon

The Speeds and Incubate DesignImage

The Speeds were commissioned by Portland’s, Incubate Design to capture authentic, brand-defining photography and video for the industrial lighting company, Coast, who is introducing a new line of flashlights that are Drop Proof, Crush Proof and Water Proof. The highly technical shoot took place in Coos Bay, Oregon (in the dark) over a 5 day period in April.

Alex Howe and Cadillac In Times SquareLocation: New York, New York

Alex Howe and Cadillac In Times SquareImage

Photographer Alex Howe has landed in Times Square, NYC with his new worldwide Cadillac Escalade campaign, one of two projects shot for Cadillac in 2014.

Alex Howe For BMWLocation: Worldwide

Alex Howe For BMWImage

Alex Howe shoots another beautiful worldwide advertising campaign for BMW this year, along with numerous car campaigns that will roll out from Alex throughout 2014.

Alex Howe For CadillacLocation: Wordwide

Alex Howe For CadillacImage

Alex Howe's ads for Cadillac Escalade have launched and can be seen worldwide. As of May 5th, 2014 his ads will be seen throughout Times Square in New York City and promise to be on the igroup blog as well!

Darryl Patterson For French Magazine Location: Wordwide

Darryl Patterson For French Magazine Image

Photographer Darryl Patterson goes tribal for his latest editorial for French Magazine. Check it out on newsstands now: French # 24 printemps/e’te’/ spring/summer 14 edition.

Boone Speed Shoots For Flavor Paper Location: Brooklyn, New York

Boone Speed Shoots For Flavor Paper Image

As part of an ongoing working relationship, Boone Speed continues to document notable wallpaper installs for Flavor Paper. Also of note in 2013, is the launch of Flavor Paper's official Warhol range of wallpaper designs. Boone captured all the imagery to advertise and support the relationship between Flavor Paper and the Warhol foundation.

Fireside Chat and Live Robotics Demo with Photographer Matthew Huber at Huge LA

Fireside Chat and Live Robotics Demo with Photographer Matthew Huber at Huge LA Image

Photographer and inventor Matthew Huber is breaking new ground in the world of stop motion animation. Matthew is exploring a new type of robotically enabled stop motion animation designed to produce beautiful and unique high-quality motion experiences.

Click here to watch a streaming of a live robotics demo with Matthew at Huge LA, where he shares examples of his work, a sneak peek at his workflow, and future uses for the technology.

The Speeds Shoot PsicocompLocation: Park City, Utah

The Speeds Shoot PsicocompImage

The Speeds, Boone and Bailey were brought in to photograph the massive 3 day Psicocomp event. For more images and information, check out:

The Speeds shoot Purina "Better With Pets" campaignLocation Grant's Pass, Oregon

 The Speeds shoot Purina

The Speeds were recently hired by Purina to obtain supporting imagery for a short film that features Iraqi vet Stephen Simmons, his cat Burma and dog Puppi as the three engage in "adventure therapy" as Stephen copes with PTSD. Part of the Purina short film series "Better with Pets". Web Link:,-puppi-plus-burma.

Alex Howe Adds A New List of ClienteleLocations: Europe, Los Angeles, Detroit

Alex Howe Adds A New List of ClienteleImage

Alex Howe has been incredibly busy. He has been shooting non-stop for Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Audi, Cadillac, and Kia to name a few. All new work will be rolled out over the next few months when published, so be on the "look out" for all of Alex's new campaigns on our blog and in his section on the new igroup website!

Matthew Huber Shoots For BeatsLocation: Los Angeles, California

Matthew Huber Shoots For BeatsImage

Matthew Huber, known as 'Mad Scientist" and "Photographer Extraordinaire", has just completed still images and videos for Beats. The videos were created with a program Matthew developed using stop animation where each image is "pieced together" to form an animated film. In addition, each frame can also be used separately for still advertising in any venue desired by the end user. Samples of these videos can be viewed in Matthew's section on our new website.

Boone Is Commissioned By Kravitz DesignLocation: Miami, Florida

Boone Is Commissioned By Kravitz DesignImage

Kravitz Design is a huge fan of Boone Speed and his photographs and have hired him time and time again to photograph their new location site launches. For this project, they commissioned Boone to document architectural images for a new Kravitz Design project in Miami.

Matthew Huber Is Awarded From D&AD Professional AwardsLocation: Los Angeles, California

Matthew Huber Is Awarded From D&AD Professional AwardsImage

Matthew Huber has been recognized by D&AD Professional Awards for his work on the film "Now Is Better". The film has been distinguished for its outstanding design overall and specific typography design. It can be viewed at:

"Running From Crazy" with Boone SpeedLocations: Los Angeles & Sun Valley, California

Boone Speed had the pleasure of having dual roles as cinematographer and still photographer on the project "Running From Crazy", a film directed by Barbara Kopple and starring Mariel Hemingway. For more insight on the the film and Boone's work, please visit:

Adel Awad Is Officially LocalLocation: New York, New York

Adel Awad Is Officially LocalImage

Adel Awad has landed in the US and is here to stay. Adel, formally traveling between New York and Paris, has planted his feet permanently in NYC. His client list includes: Loreal, Maybelline, Franck Provost, and Target, to name a few.

Boone Shoots for Big Giant Designs and NIKE!Location: Beaverton, Oregon

Boone Shoots for Big Giant Designs and NIKE!Image

Boone Speed has been able to shoot many Nike events throughout his career and this time, was asked by Big Giant Designs, Inc. to photograph their newest project , The Nike Maximum Impact Event. Boone was asked to obtain architectural images for the design firm, as well as press release images for the event.

Oregon Heathcare Loves Boone SpeedLocation: Oregon Statewide

 Oregon Heathcare Loves Boone SpeedImage

Oregon Healthcare, Oregon’s online healthcare marketplace wanted their advertising to capture real, authentic imagery of the multicultural residents of Oregon to use in their healthcare collateral and online, and found that local Boone Speed was the perfect candidate for the project.

Boone Shoots for The Wall Street Journal Location: Portland, Oregon

Boone Shoots for The Wall Street Journal Image

Boone Speed is thrilled to add The Wall Street Journal to his list of clientele. For his recent story entitled "Bachelor Pad", Boone was asked to photographically illustrate a story of two bachelors who built identical single dwelling houses on one lot in Portland, in order to save money thru efficient use of land and materials.